How I use Surfingskeys to quickly copy a GitHub file content by hotkey

I usually find myself in need of quick copying a single file content in a GitHub repo, for example, I have this URL

I could quickly copy this file content by the hotkey ctrl+c, look at this demo for better visualization

You can add the customed code as follows:

0. Install Surfingskey if you have not ^^

You can get it here:

  1. Go to the Surfingkeys options file by using this direct URL:


2. Adding this function:

Note: you could remove the alert when you are sure it could successfully copy to the clipboard, I keep this here as a success notification.

3. Adding code to be executed when using your hotkey, here I use ctrl+c because I use macOS, please be careful so that your hotkey does not overwrite any default hotkey in your current machine

My actual settings look like this:

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